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Postcard & Flyers

Recent studies show that, even in today's digital age, admail campaigns continue to provide consistently strong and measurable results.  Along with postcards and flyers, we offer our Magnetic Mailer.  This unique piece combines the effectiveness of a postcard and the longevity of a magnet, with excellent results. 

Promotional Magnets

Why do we continue to get orders for magnets?

They flat out work.  There are few, if any, marketing tools that will continue to give you the best "bang for your buck" over the long haul.  They are often kept on the family fridge, with your message, for years.


The STEWART Group knows the importance of representing your company in the best possible light.  We work tirelessly alongside each of our customers to ensure that branding standards are adhered to. By creating  a professional and effective finished product, we give you the best chance at success in every project.


Creating, designing and manufacturing a top quality promotional piece is only successful if it reaches your target market effectively.

We at The STEWART Group have extensive experience in fulfillment campaigns ranging in size from a few thousand to a million pieces at a time.

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